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Kelly Hoppen's Harmony line by Apaiser.

Kelly Hoppen’s Harmony line by Apaiser. Image: Supplied

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Kelly Hoppen's Origami range by Apaiser.

Kelly Hoppen’s Origami range by Apaiser. Image: Supplied

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Bath, part of the Harmony collection by Kelly Hoppen for Apaiser.

Bath, part of the Harmony collection by Kelly Hoppen for Apaiser. Image: Supplied

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Freestanding basin: Origami range.

Freestanding basin: Origami range. Image: Supplied

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London-based design maven Kelly Hoppen has teamed up with Australian bathware designer and manufacturer Apaiser to create three collections of bath furniture.

Defined by Hoppen’s signature clean lines and sleek simplicity, and made from a hand-finished stone composite of reclaimed sustainable marble, these objects are a blend of distinctive shapes and highly functional design.

The three collections reflect Hoppen’s East-meets-West design ethos. The Harmony line represents the petals of a lotus flower; Bande relates to the obi (the sash worn with a kimono), and the Origami collection was inspired by the intricate Japanese art of paper-folding.

Available from Plumbline

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