Gravity’s rainbow

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Image 1.

Image 1. Image: Pippa Drummond

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Image 2.

Image 2. Image: Pippa Drummond

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Image 3.

Image 3. Image: Pippa Drummond

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Image 4.

Image 4. Image: Pippa Drummond

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Image 5. Image: Pippa Drummond

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Image 6.

Image 6. Image: Pippa Drummond

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Auckland-born, New York photographer Pippa Drummond was our guest creative for this Objectify shoot in the current issue of Urbis. For an interview with Drummond, click here.

Image 1:

Flos Mod.548 by Gino Sarfatti; / Hand Paperweight by Carl Auböck;

Image 1. Image:  Pippa Drummond

Image 2:

Ring Chair by Bower; / Bedside Carafe by Anna Karlin; / OYOY Glass Paperweight – Clear Bubbles;

Image 2. Image:  Pippa Drummond

Image 3:

Cylinder Mirror by Bower; / Bedside Carafe by Anna Karlin; / Crescent Moon Plates by Arc Objects; / Everything Platter Set by Arc Objects; / Black Lollipop Spoon by Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co;

Image 3. Image:  Pippa Drummond

Image 4:

Contour Side Table by Bower; / Juliet Vessel by Anna Karlin; / Crescent Moon Plates by Arc Objects;

Image 4. Image:  Pippa Drummond

Image 5:

Arch Mirror by Bower; / Chess Stool by Anna Karlin; / Incense/Tealight Burner by Apparatus;  

Image 5. Image:  Pippa Drummond

Image 6:

Contour Side Table by Bower; / Crescent Moon Plate and Bowl by Arc Objects;

Image 6. Image:  Pippa Drummond

Photography Pippa Drummond / Stylist Rebecca Bartoshesky

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