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Julia Knüpfer, Living Rooms Collection, 2011, Photo: Frauke Fischer

Julia Knüpfer, Living Rooms Collection, 2011, Photo: Frauke Fischer

Sustainable fashion is an ever-evolving term used to describe a commitment to ethical production, responsible resourcing and natural processes. This system of practice aims to produce garments that do not deplete renewable resources or pollute during manufacture, are able to be reabsorbed into the environment and maintain value and significance to the wearer.

Today, there is a myriad of ways to embrace sustainable fashion and support eco-conscious designers. Consider this exhibition a starting point, as we highlight makers dedicated to sustainable practice and suggest more ethical and environmentally conscious ways to enjoy fashion.

EVERGREEN will feature works by designers such as Julia Knüpfer, Holly McQuillan and Georgia McCorkill.

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Mk Haley to give series of talks at Te Papa

2 May 2017
Public Event, Wellington City
Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Florida State University and Creative Program Manager at Walt Disney’s Imagineering, Mk Haley, will be delivering a series of talks hosted by Mahuki, Te Papa’s innovation hub.
Secret Art Sale

Secret Art Sale

6 May 2017 → 7 May 2017
Exhibition, Auckland
Each of the postcard-sized works at this inaugural event is presented anonymously, allowing for the work to be seen at face value.
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Wellington Lux Light Festival

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