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Beautiful Losers

  Image: Paul Glover as Jack Kerouac and Scott Wills as Neal Cassady, photo: Sacha Stejko.

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Beautiful Losers

  Image: Paul Glover as Jack Kerouac photo: Jeremy Bright.

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Beautiful Losers

  Image: Scott Wills as Neal Cassady photo: Sacha Stejko.

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Beautiful Losers is a comedy/drama based on the crazed and inspired relationship between writer Jack Kerouac and con artist/car thief Neal Cassady and their journeys through America in the 1940s and 1950s. In their pursuit of the ultimate high, Jack and Neal leave New York City for Mexico, accompanied by a soundtrack of cool jazz, conversation, amphetamines and booze. On arrival in Mexico they are thrust into the world of William Burroughs and his partner Joan – what happens next is a combination of high times, low deeds and cruel tragedy – almost unbelievable but terribly true. When Jack Kerouac’s seminal novel ‘On the Road’ is published it propels Jack to the giddy heights of literary fame and seriously challenges his beautiful relationship with Neal.

Beautiful Losers is a sweeping story of fame and its consequences. It is the story of the man who created the Beat Generation and the beginnings of the Counter Culture. Paul Glover plays the part of Jack Kerouac, with Scott Wills playing Neal Cassady.

Beautiful Losers is written by Mike Hudson and directed by Margaret-Mary Hollins. Mike and Margaret make up the partnership that is HOUSE OF HUDSON, a creative team who are producing significant, new, New Zealand theatre works that are stimulating, fresh and driven by real life experiences.

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