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CoreNet Symposium 2017


This year’s CoreNet Symposium promises to surpass all of those that have gone before it and will tackle how the corporate real estate industry can harness the power of technology.

Join CoreNet for a thought-provoking debate about how technology is changing the way we occupy space and how we need to adapt to ensure it doesn’t render us obsolete.

The morning speakers include:

  • László Varga – adjunct professor – Sustainable Urban Systems Initiative at Stanford University, School of Engineering. He’ll speak about the projects he’s working on at Stanford as well as his previous role at Google overseeing its real estate portfolio.
  • Per Håkansson from Makerminds Inc. will explore how technology can enhance our lives and the workplaces we inhabit.
  • Chris Lunny and John Tenanes, who oversee Facebook’s global real estate portfolio, will offer insights into how they use technology and metrics to make data based decisions around design and operations to create optimal work conditions for their engineering staff.
  • Dr Catherine Ball, managing director of Elemental Strategy, is an expert in robotics and how individuals and organisations can embrace change in the disruptive innovation age.

The afternoon session also features exciting events and speakers:

  • The CoreNet Conversation is a Q&A that will see the five speakers from the morning session interviewed by highly respected Kiwi news presenter and journalist Sacha McNeil.
  • This will be followed by two breakout sessions, the first of which will be led by Oliver Marlow of Studio Tilt in London, who’s an expert in workplace design.
  • The second breakout session will focus on New Zealand tech innovation, run by a special guest speaker and moderated by David Maurice from STACK Interiors and Lisa Bryan from Colliers International New Zealand.
  • Bringing everything together and finishing up is John Spence – one of the top business thought leaders in the world. John will discuss the technologies that will disrupt businesses within the next 10 years and how to use them to your advantage.

For more information on CoreNet Global and the symposium see here. Register here.

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