Faces to watch: David Moreland

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David Moreland.

David Moreland.

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'Neon Wood' shelf.

‘Neon Wood’ shelf. Image: David Moreland

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'Neon Wood' detail.

‘Neon Wood’ detail. Image: David Moreland

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‘Neon Wood’ shelf.

‘Neon Wood’ shelf. Image: David Moreland

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Urbis: Why is design important?

David Moreland: Excellent design differentiates a product within the market place, which in turn creates customer preference. This can be said for all products of which furniture is no exception. The small details, often the ones that are over looked or go unnoticed all contribute. Whether it be purely visual or a manufacturing solution, excellent design always stands out from the pack.

U: What are you working on at the moment?

DM: The S2 stool is about to get a new oak ply seat finish option, which means you can upholster it now too. I’ve just released the ‘Pendant 45’ light and ‘Neon Wood’ shelving family, which are keeping me very busy as well.

U: Where do you hope to be in 10 years?

DM: I’m still waiting for that elusive email from Vitra, maybe by then it might have come through…

U: What are the challenges young designers face at the moment?

DM: Sometimes manufacturing within New Zealand has its limitations, often a design might need altering in the early stages to be able to be keep the production on shore, which I believe is important. Also finding the right people is key, your relationships with your manufacturers is crucial to the long term viability of any product. I have a network of great people I work with very closely to ensure quality is always achieved and lead times are always met.

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