Kiwi ‘Resident’ in Milan

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Pieces from Resident launching at Milan 2012.

Pieces from Resident launching at Milan 2012.

Founded by one of New Zealand’s leading designers Simon James, the furniture and design brand ‘Resident’ will be making its debut appearance at Milan Design Week 2012. Exhibiting at MOST (Museum of Science and Technology), ‘Resident’ will collaborate with another kiwi company that has been receiving a well deserved dose of international hype, the multi-disciplinary creative studio ‘Special Problems’. Together their aim is: “To create a playful, brand orientated animated visual display. This display will compliment an interactive area that will illustrate the craft based, hands on nature of the brand. Visitors will have the chance to assemble and disassemble selected items of furniture and lighting as well as learn and understand the unique process of Celadon, which produces the cracked surface on our newest lighting creation, the Bing Pendant.”

‘Resident’ has sent us a brief clip of co-designer Jamie McLellan giving some insight into his ‘Spar’ light and ‘Flyover’ table. We thought we would share! 

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