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Kohler Numi techno toilet.

Kohler Numi techno toilet.

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Kohler Numi techno toilet.

Kohler Numi techno toilet.

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We’re always on the lookout for more bathroom tech. When you consider the options for the kitchen, living room, bedroom and office, the bathroom can be a bit of a poor cousin when it comes to doodads, doohickeys, gimmicks and gizmos.

The Kohler Numi toilet has a built-in FM radio and speakers, as well as the capability to take audio from an MP3 player.

But these days, everything’s got an iPod dock in it … it’s the ‘other’ types of automation in the Numi that have impressed us most. There are the bidet features, which wash and dry the user (with different settings for guys and gals, obviously), there is the automatically opening and closing lid with an additional foot-controlled light beam which lifts the toilet seat for chaps. The Numi even blows hot air out the bottom (no pun) to warm your feet. All functions are accessed via a touch-screen remote control; and the whole thing (except for where you sit) is a rather pleasing square shape.

At over NZ$8,000, of course, only the financially privileged will evacuate the nutrient-rich contents of their amply hydrated colons into such a luxurious latrine. But we say this is an appliance that’s used more times a day than an oven, dishwasher or burglar alarm, so why skimp?

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