Urbis Father’s Day gift guide

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Urbis Father's Day gift guide

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For the Aesthete

For the Aesthete Image: Supplied

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25% off a subscription to Urbis | 
href="http://agm.co.nz/store/product/urbis-print/" target="_blank"><u> 
From agm.co.nz/store (use promo code URBISDAD) </u></a>

25% off a subscription to Urbis | From agm.co.nz/store (use promo code URBISDAD) Image: Supplied

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Line table lamp | 
href="http://shop.douglasandbec.com/line-table-lamp/" target="_blank"><u> $565 from douglasandbec.com </u></a>

Line table lamp | $565 from douglasandbec.com Image: Supplied

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Pallina magnifying glass by Olivia Herms for Skultuna | 
href="http://store.simonjamesdesign.com/products/pallinamagnifyingglassskultuna" target="_blank"><u> $164 from simonjamesdesign.com </u></a>

Pallina magnifying glass by Olivia Herms for Skultuna | $164 from simonjamesdesign.com Image: Supplied

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A Book of Things by Jasper Morrison | 
href="http://www.everyday-needs.com/products/a-book-of-things" target="_blank"><u> $135 from everyday-needs.com </u></a>

A Book of Things by Jasper Morrison | $135 from everyday-needs.com Image: Supplied

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The Porsche Design ballpen | 
href="http://www.europens.co.nz/afawcs0138118/CATID=7/SUBID=42/page=1/products.html" target="_blank"><u> $275 from www.europens.co.nz </u></a>

The Porsche Design ballpen | $275 from www.europens.co.nz Image: Supplied

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For the Fashionisto

For the Fashionisto

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The Horse Watch - Rose Gold/Black | 
href="http://www.paperplanestore.com/collections/carry/products/the-horse-watch-rose-black" target="_blank"><u> $159 from paperplanestore.com </u></a>

The Horse Watch - Rose Gold/Black | $159 from paperplanestore.com Image: Supplied

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Tile men’s dressing gown | 
href="http://shop.cittadesign.com/collections/man-dressing-gowns/products/tile-mens-dressing-gown" target="_blank"><u> $129 from cittadesign.com </u></a>

Tile men’s dressing gown | $129 from cittadesign.com Image: Supplied

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Brass cufflinks by Skultuna | 
href="http://store.simonjamesdesign.com/products/brasscufflinksskultuna-1" target="_blank"><u> $50 from simonjamesdesign.com </u></a>

Brass cufflinks by Skultuna | $50 from simonjamesdesign.com Image: Supplied

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World bow tie assorted | 
href="http://www.worldbrand.co.nz/products/wo87" target="_blank"><u> $99 from worldbrand.co.nz </u></a>

World bow tie assorted | $99 from worldbrand.co.nz Image: Supplied

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Lewis Fredericks bespoke eyewear service | 
href="http://lewisfredericks.co.nz/" target="_blank"><u> $POA from lewisfredericks.co.nz </u></a>

Lewis Fredericks bespoke eyewear service | $POA from lewisfredericks.co.nz Image: Supplied

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For the Foodie

For the Foodie Image: Supplied

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Topsy jar | 
href="http://www.nest-direct.com/ProductDetail?CategoryId=1&ProductId=2730" target="_blank"><u> $18 from nest-direct.com </u></a>

Topsy jar | $18 from nest-direct.com Image: Supplied

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Art of Copper utensils | 
href="http://collected.co.nz/products/art-of-copper-copper-utensils" target="_blank"><u> $29 from collected.co.nz </u></a>

Art of Copper utensils | $29 from collected.co.nz Image: Supplied

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2012 Escarpment Kupe Pinot Noir | 
" target="_blank"><u> $79 from glengarrywines.co.nz </u></a>

2012 Escarpment Kupe Pinot Noir | $79 from glengarrywines.co.nz Image: Supplied

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Tank Decanter by Tom Dixon | 
" target="_blank"><u> $250 from ecc.co.nz </u></a>

Tank Decanter by Tom Dixon | $250 from ecc.co.nz Image: Supplied

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Fog linen apron | 
href="http://fatherrabbit.com/products/fog-linen-daily-apron-various-colours?variant=565224945" target="_blank"><u> $77.00 from fatherrabbit.com </u></a>

Fog linen apron | $77.00 from fatherrabbit.com Image: Supplied

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For the Globetrotter

For the Globetrotter Image: Supplied

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Fog Linen, Tim pouch | 
href="http://fatherrabbit.com/products/tim-pouch-navy-border?variant=1405836929" target="_blank"><u> $19.50 from fatherrabbit.com </u></a>

Fog Linen, Tim pouch | $19.50 from fatherrabbit.com Image: Supplied

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Hay scribble mirror | 
href="http://cultdesign.co.nz/shop/scribble-mirror" target="_blank"><u> $10.45 each, from cultdesign.co.nz </u></a>

Hay scribble mirror | $10.45 each, from cultdesign.co.nz Image: Supplied

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Bamu canvas overnight bag | 
href="https://www.cittadesign.com/man/accessories/overnight-bags/bamu-canvas-overnight-bag-BYG01095" target="_blank"><u> $269 from cittadesign.com </u></a>

Bamu canvas overnight bag | $269 from cittadesign.com Image: Supplied

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Make this Father’s Day one he’ll remember. To help you pick just the right gift for the man in your life, we’ve selected some of the latest products from some of New Zealand’s best-known designers and boutiques. You’ll find them in stores and on-line this month. Whether the father (or grandfather) you’re buying for is a foodie or a fashionisto, an enthusiastic travel or a design enthusiast you’ve got until September 6 to find that perfect something — so read on, and get started.

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Eastern Bloc

Eastern Bloc

A refined take on the utilitarian and industrial shapes from the Soviet era’s metal furniture design. Stalin would most certainly not be amused.


Shaped and brought to shore by the whim of curious tides.
Grids & graphs

Grids & graphs

Much like linear hatching in drawing and engraving, these pieces create shade and tone through lines that seem almost hand sketched.
Native accents

Native accents

Items using or referencing traditional handcrafts. Earthy materials, prints, colours, patterns and forms connect the home to other cultures and ways of living.
Colour’s revival

Colour’s revival

This edit is not quite ’80s. It is not entirely Memphis-inspired and definitely not for the faint-hearted. It is, however, loud, youthful and proudly eclectic.

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