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RCG Residence.

RCG Residence. Image: Mim Design

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Yellowglen/TWE Marquee.

Yellowglen/TWE Marquee. Image: Mim Design

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RCG Residence.

RCG Residence. Image: Mim Design

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Specialising in interior environments, Melbourne’s Mim Design has evolved into a company that is involved in all facets of design including graphic design, branding and architecture. Urbis talks to Mim Design Principal, Miriam Fanning, and Director, Felicity Watts.

Urbis: Why is design important?

Miriam Fanning and Felicity Watts: Design is important as it is a part of everyday life, from how we live, to spaces we inhabit. Good design is inspirational and evokes a sense of elevated joy and visual stimulation. Great design can also lead a sense of question and marvel as well as whimsy, and in some cases a good old giggle.

U: What do you love about your jobs?

MF & FW: What we love about our jobs is the inspiration, visual satisfaction and the ability to be able to think creatively on a regular basis. Every day is different, even though our jobs involve routine, the design aspects are constantly evolving. In a way, they don’t feel like traditional ‘jobs’.

U: What makes a successful project?

MF & FW: A successful project for us must tick many boxes

  • High design quality achieved
  • Designed to suit a brief
  • Client satisfaction
  • Well-constructed delivery
  • Outstanding end result 
  • Knowing the environment in built form clearly followed our design direction

U: What is the biggest challenge facing emerging design practices at the moment?

MF & FW: The biggest challenge is today’s economy. Because we’re working within an environment of developers, it can sometimes take some hard work to get a project active through to construction. All aside, probably the biggest design challenge for emerging practices is to ensure they deliver projects that are unique to the brief using environmentally sustainable materials.

U: What next…

MF & FW: Hopefully a fantastic study trip in the future to immerse ourselves in some global product and design. Also from Mim Design’s perspective, diversity in what we can offer our clients in the future - having the ability to work on all aspects of design from product through to graphic, architectural and of course our staple interior design.

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