Best of 2012: Cloud house

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Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan.

Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan. Image: John Gollings

The finest house we’ve seen this year also happens to be the most popular ever with Urbis readers. So popular, in fact, that it’s had more page views than has anything else published on It’s the Cloud House, an idiosyncratic renovation in Melbourne’s North Fitzroy. From the front, the Cloud House, created by the architects of McBride Charles Ryan, looks like any old white, doublefronted suburban home. But at the back it explodes with a riotous red kitchen, and a dining and living area shaped like a cumulus cloud. Constructed with corrugated steel and timber panelling, it’s like a Jeff Koons sculpture: sort of futuristic and quirky, but weirdly comforting and cosy too. And it lifts the Cloud House far above its more pedestrian neighbours.

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