Green T House

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Green T House.

Green T House. Image: Supplied

You know Green T House must be on to something if Wallpaper* magazine awards them Best Spa in 2010. What began as a simple tea-house – a hub for musicians and artists – has evolved into a multifaceted restaurant, spa, design boutique and cultural concept that encapsulates the new China. Musician, artist, trendsetter and tea connoisseur Zhang Jin had three small tables for tea-loving patrons when she first opened the doors. A natural entrepreneur, Zhang Jin, first shook up the kitchen to create an unusual and delicious repertoire that caused Time magazine to describe her as “China’s first celebrity chef”.

A luxury range of branded teas followed shortly after, and more recently, in 2009, Green T House Living shifted the focus from teahouse to spa hotel. Luxury villa accommodation, generous, unique bathhouses and spa rooms combine with a design boutique and exhibition space. Double-height spaces house mirror-like pools that seem to seamlessly scoop out of the minimal stone floor. Sculptural plants and iconic pieces of furniture are set out like artworks. There is no obvious gilding or flourishes here, but luxury is found in the generosity of space, the craftsmanship, the privacy and calm of the surroundings.

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