Corporate Culture with Designer Rugs and Nathan Goldsworthy

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Corporate Culture showroom.

Corporate Culture showroom. Image: Conor Clarke

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Corporate Culture showroom.

Corporate Culture showroom. Image: Conor Clarke

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Urbis looks back on the Designday® installations.

Corporate Culture and Designer Rugs share showroom in Parnell which made this collaboration even more exciting, with a lot for Designday® guests to look at.

On entering the showroom, a trellis of shelving had been built up with Nathan Goldsworthy’s Historian shelves, housing not books, but trees. Lit with dots of led lights on one side, the piece was subtle and beautiful, a fascinating depiction of the shelving, while also highlighting Goldsworthy’s interest in sustainable design. (The shelves can be flat-packed, which makes them easier to ship.)

Further into the showroom, more trees, transplanted from their natural habitat into piles of dirt, grew up around and through design pieces.

The Kiwi Icon’s Rugs hung along one wall with an impressive collection of names that lent their considerable design talents to the wool medium. Included were Dick Frizzell, Boh Runga, Kevin Roberts, Zambesi, Max Gimblett, Kate Sylvester and Codi Design. The variety of colours, shapes and looks meant there was something for everyone, and the number of people quietly contemplating each rug like it was a paintng on the wall, was surely a sign of the beauty of each of these pieces.

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